Car services

Trinity Safaris will offer the client round the clock transport services with ease, guaranteed
security and prompt response as we are constantly in touch with our drivers in the field.
We provide complete transport services using the latest equipment and technology to
facilitate the travel of individuals in Nairobi area and other major towns.
The company maintains a fleet of modern vehicles that are available 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.
All vehicles are regularly serviced in a reputable garage to ensure that they are in sound
mechanical condition.
All drivers are thoroughly examined by our quality controllers before they are allowed to drive.
They must have 5 years continuous driving experience. They must have thorough knowledge of
Nairobi City and its outlying areas.
We encourage our customers to lodge any complaints concerning our service. These complaints
are well documented and followed up to ensure that any issues raised by our clients are fully
addressed and feedback is given. We uphold our client’s confidentiality.
We allow car pooling to a maximum of 3 passengers per vehicle.

Our cabs are positioned at various locations within the city for easier and faster access to our clients,
thereby eliminating time wastage and delays. Our Bases Include:
• North star Apartments Along Lenana Road
• Malibu Hurlingham
• Holy Family Basilica City Centre
• Oil Libya Station Ngong Road
• Taj Mall Mombasa Road
• Tahidi Motors Upper Hill


  • Usually, these services operate under the banner of an existing contract or an envisaged one.
    • The contact person will make a call, or the person to be picked /dropped will make a call to
    the control room. This number is usually provided to the client on the contract document.
    There are at least two to four lines available at any one time for making the booking.
    • A cab is then dispatched from a base near the client’s location and sent to the pickup point.
    • A proof of authorization is required (if there is an agreement to that effect) before service is
    delivered. If there is any doubt, confirmation from the manager in charge is done.
    • The service is delivered according to the instructions from the client.
    • Upon successful and confirmed delivery of the service desired, the person being offered the
    service will be required to sign a voucher for both billing and confirmation of successful
    delivery of service purposes. The client being dropped will be required to confirm the mileage.
    • If there is waiting the client on board MUST countersign on the voucher book provided.
    • Invoicing is done at the end of a given month with all the vouchers for confirmation purposes.

kindly contact us with your requirements and we shall prepare personalized rates tailored to your travel needs.